Cycling through the City.

One year on from the first lockdown is a good time to reflect on my cycling habits through our City.

Early into the lockdown I had to travel from our home to St James Palace. At 10am on a sunny morning in April I was the only vehicle and pretty much the only person travelling down Regents Street down onto the Mall. A very unsettling experience and something that continues to sadden me as I look at the donut effect COVID has had on London.

My daily commute (weather permitting) takes me along the edge of the City, over Blackfriars Bridge to our studios in the Oval. In 12 months, I’ve noticed the ebb and flow of commuters cycling as lockdowns beckoned and restrictions relax. A great many more teenagers seem to occupy the city on their bikes along with Londoners using Santander Bikes to explore their city. This should be celebrated.

I gave up on the imagined time trial to get to work and traded my carbon-framed road bike for a more sensible model which can soak up the potholes.

Having cycled for nearly 40 years in and around our City, it’s been a comfort to look at dome of St Paul’s each night on my way home, a beacon in our troubled time of why the City will survive this and thrive.