Diversity Policy

The Architects’ Company is committed to creating a culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are actively promoted.

We believe that: 

  1. The achievement of excellence can only be attained through recognising the value of every individual, as this will help create an environment that allows everyone to achieve their full potential.
  2. Recognising and celebrating diversity and equality of opportunity will assist in building a City of London fit for the future, and
  3. Most importantly, will help enrich the lives of individuals.

To support this, we will:

  • Recruit talented members from diverse backgrounds within Architecture and associated professions as Freemen of the Company, and ensure equality of opportunity when making Livery Company appointments to Committees, to Court and when considering progression through the Court.
  • Reflect diversity in the way we promote the Company in marketing materials, newsletters, our website, social media and the way we deliver our wider lectures, events and activities.
  • Expect Company members who are Trustees of our WCCA Charitable Trust and of Temple Bar Trust to support equality of opportunity through their Awards, Outreach, Educational and Sponsorship programmes.