On 16th January, Liveryman Michel Mossessian kindly invited the Master for a tour of his new buildings at Kings Cross. Tower S1 is currently under construction and forms an architectural pair with its neighbour, S2, home to Google’s Deep Mind HQ.

Both buildings are located on the new Handyside Street, by Lewis Cubitt Park. S1 is to provide a total of 196,284 sq ft of Grade A office space, which will be set over ground and 10 upper floors with floor plates ranging from 1,700 to 2,500 sq ft. The building offers flexible open-plan office layouts, that aim to appeal to occupiers interested in connected working environments for their employees.

Michel Mossessian, founder of Mossessian Architecture, said: “King’s Cross is one of today’s templates for urban placemaking, so our priority was to develop spaces that both convey a strong identity and continuum with the public realm. This second building works to engage the space between the two, making the spaces hang together and generating a strong and engaging urban and spatial character for both the eventual tenant and the visiting public.”

I very much enjoyed the site visit and Buildings S2 and S1 are beautifully designed. The impact of the deep, white window reveals is extraordinary; transforming entire elevations from dark volcanic lava stone to light grey, as the buildings are viewed from different perspectives. In the spaces between Buildings S2 and S1, Michel Mossessian has created clear views towards different parts of the development, whilst maximising the use of space with upper level extensions, which encroach into the space without blocking the focal points at lower levels or the street.  King’s Cross has established itself as one of London’s most vibrant business districts and there is no doubt lava-clad Building S1 will be a world-class addition to the development.

Lava-clad building S1 will be sister to building S2 – Google’s DeepMind HQ