Privacy Policy

The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects collects and holds data relating to its Liverymen, Freemen and Students.   It takes the protection and security of this information very seriously and evokes whatever reasonable steps that it can to ensure its safety and integrity.

This data includes:

Full name and title;
Date of Birth;
Honours and Qualifications;
Home Address;
Business Name and Address;
Contact Telephone Number(s);
Email Address(es);
RIBA Membership;
ARB Membership;
City of London Freedom;
Other Livery Company Membership;
Other City of London Connections; Your Proposer and Seconder;
Dietary Requirements;
Other Personal Requirements (for example through disablement);
Membership Status; and
Membership Accounts (including Gift Aid).
We hold this information so that we are actively able to communicate with you about the Company’s activities, news and events.   We must also ensure that our membership profile conforms to the conditions laid down by the Court of Aldermen in our Grant of Livery in 1988.

We will never sell this data to a third party.

We will only share limited amounts of this data with specific third parties in the following circumstances.

Dietary Requirements with Catering Companies for Company Events;
Personal Requirements (such as wheelchair access) with Hall Staff for Company Events;
Name and Address of Liverymen eligible to vote for the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor on the City of London Electoral Register;
Names (of Company Officers only) for the ‘White Book’ (under review); and
Names and Addresses of Liverymen for the ‘City of London Directories and Livery Companies Guide’ – the ‘Blue Book’ (also under review).
Name, Address, Telephone Number(s) and Email Address(es). To know what information we hold about you;
To have access to that information;
To have your personal data corrected;
To have your data erased;
To restrict how your data is processed;
To object to your data being processed at all; and
To disallow automated processing of your data.
We will print the following information in our Members’ Handbook, on an occasional basis, which is distributed exclusively to the Membership.

We will share Membership details with Officers of the Company only on a need-to-know basis (for example, Name, Date of Birth and Contact Details with the Almoner).

None of the above affects your statutory rights under the new legislation.

Please note these are not absolute rights and some may come down to the discretion of the Clerk, who currently controls the data.

For more information, please visit the Information Commissioner’s website at

Cheryl Reid
Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects