Invitation to submit photographs for a picture book of 90 architectural projects by WCCA members, to commemorate HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday. 


  • The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects (WCCA), invites all Members and Student Members of the Company to help create a book of 90 photographs of architectural projects delivered by Company members.
  • This book should ideally include projects completed during the last 31 years, starting from 1984 and running to the present day, as the WCCA was founded in 1984. However, photographs of projects completed before 1984 will also be considered as we are primarily interested in creating a ‘body’ of work representing the fantastic architectural contribution made by WCCA members, to the built environment.
  • Two copies of the book will be presented; one to HM The Queen on her official 90th birthday, and one to the British Architectural Library.
  • The 90 images from the book will be displayed on the WCCA website for around 6 months, from the Queen’s official birthday on 11th June, until 31st December 2016.
  • WCCA members can buy copies of the book if they wish, using the form below.


  • This opportunity to have your project(s) featured in a book to celebrate HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday is open to all Members and Student Members of the Company.
  • The ‘fee’ to enter you work is a donation to the WCCA Charitable Trust Fund.
  • The opportunity will be promoted via WCCA’s website, and managed by WCCA.
  • To participate, please send an electronic photograph of your completed architectural project(s), to no later than 6th May, using the form below. All sections must be completed for the entry to be valid.
  • Members may submit up to five different projects for possible inclusion in the book.
  • Each photograph should ideally have a resolution of 1000 pixels, but a minimum of 600 pixels will be accepted, as some smaller images will be included in the book.
  • The 90 most attractive architectural projects/photographic entries will be selected by the Master, Peter Murray; Upper Warden, Richard Brindley and Court Assistant Valerie Owen. If the panel is undecided about the inclusion of a particular architectural project/photograph, the final decision over the 90 selected entries will rest with the Master, and will not be influenced by the amount donated to our charity.
  • The books will be self-published via or a similar equivalent company, in a luxury finish.


  • Opportunity advertised via WCCA website and Clerk, from Thursday 31st March.
  • Electronic submission of completed forms/photographs by Friday 6th May 2016
  • Short listing judging panel to be arranged in w/c 9th May 2016.
  • Commemorative book to be presented to HM The Queen on or before her official birthday on 11th June 2016, as well as to the British Architectural Library.

FOR THE FORMS CLICK HERE  WCCA Queens 90th Birthday Commemorative Book 02.16

Valerie Owen OBE, 30th March 2016.