This first Saint Thomas Day celebration by the Worshipful Company of Architects will hopefully establish a long lasting tradition for many years to come and something that can grow.
The idea resulted from a suggestion by Valerie that – as we were in lockdown and unable to meet in person- we try to encourage greater activity and events on social media to keep the Company in contact.
I had been reading about the formation of the Livery Companies and that they celebrated their “Guild Day” usually on the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of their particular trade of profession.
The Guild Day was an opportunity for the Companies to focus on their charitable giving and their apprentices which is a particular focus of the Master. After some research and discussions with the Chaplain David Parrott we established that Saint Thomas was acknowledged to be the Patron Saint of Architecture. Saint Barbara has a claim owing to her being imprisoned in a tower by her Father who wanted her to renounce Christianity. But Thomas has the greater claim, not because of his doubting and need for proof but his mission to India where he built several churches.


 Any the same time Chris Dyson was devising a sketching competition inspired by lockdown on the theme of “isolation” and John Assael had proposed and initiated a new Student Hardship Fund. It was decided to incorporate the two ideas and to charge an entry fee for the competition and also ask the entrants to donate their work for auction to raise money for the Fund. As Saint Thomas’ Day is July 3rd that date became a sensible focus for the events.

Perhaps next year we will join in a lunchtime service and meet in person to continue the tradition of the Guild Day. But in the meantime thank you to the Chaplain for supporting and for Chris Dyson for initiating and Chairing the judging of the drawing competition, to all the entrants and the judges, Stella Ioannou, Sherin Aminossehe Soraya Khan and to Steve Edge for agreeing to be the Auctioneer. To John Assael for initiating the Student Hardship Fund which will benefit from the monies raised. And to the Clerk and Cheryl for the organising, administration and support. And to the Master Valerie for pulling all the threads together.

Auction Entries 2020

Lot 1

Sketch Design for a house

Alireza sagharchi

Reserve price: £ ; Size: A4

Lot 2

To Protest is to Protect

Anna Liu

Reserve price: £ ; Size:

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