The Upper Warden reports: As part of a programme of celebrations to mark the 30th Anniversary of our Company achieving full Livery status, last year we embarked on a major project to publish a brand-new book on the Livery Halls of the City of London. We are doing this in partnership with Merrell Publishers, a London based company with an excellent reputation for high quality books on art and architecture.

Our two hard working authors, Dr Anya Lucas and Henry Russell have now completed their draft texts which have been read through and commented upon by Past Master Dr Mervyn Miller and Clerk Emeritus David Cole-Adams as well as each of the Companies concerned. The authors have managed to combine a most enjoyable read with a very high degree of scholarship and research. Our photographer, Andreas von Einsiedel, is more than half way through photographing each of the extant Halls and the initial preview shots are very encouraging. All of this has been achieved with the gracious cooperation and support of the Livery Companies who have welcomed our team into their Halls. The book is now entering the design and final editing stage.

A book of this quality is expensive to produce but we have obtained tremendous support from members of our own Company and their practices, other Livery Companies, The City of London Corporation and developers Brookfield. The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Charles Bowman has agreed to write the foreword. Although there is still a little way to go we are confident that we will reach our target and will be able to publish in the Autumn of 2018. For those WCCA members who have not yet taken the opportunity to become subscribers and thereby have their name associated with the book for posterity, there is still a small amount of time available before the book’s design and content is finalised.