A message from the Master:

At the start of my year I proposed three initiatives celebrating 30 years as a Livery Company. The “30 Expressions of Gratitude” and “30 Exemplary Contributions to the Architectural Profession” were successfully presented at the Annual Banquet on 12th February. Today I am writing to ask for your help with the third initiative.

Architect Apprenticeships are something which I enthusiastically support. They open a new way of entering the profession for those who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to undergo the full-time academic route. It is very much in tune with the origins of the Livery with an emphasis on “learning on the job” under the guidance and tutelage of experienced and practising architects.

The Architect Apprenticeships scheme is in its infancy and we are still considering how best we might assist in partnership with RIBA, the Trail Blazer group of practices and the participating Universities. One thing we could do reasonably quickly is to set up an annual prize for the Apprentice of Year which would sit alongside our growing number of awards for students of architecture. Our Charitable Trust is fully supportive of the idea.

To initiate this, we need to establish a fund to cover an award for the coming year and hopefully for several years to come. This would easily be achieved if every member were to donate a minimum of £1 for every one of our 30 years as a Livery Company. Of course, larger contributions would be welcome. For taxpayers, Gift Aid would mean that every £30 donated the Charitable Trust would receive £37.50.

I do hope you will all join me in supporting this initiative and sending your donation to the Charitable Trust. Please contact the Clerk for details of how to donate.

Whilst writing, I would also like to remind you that charitable giving is an obligation of Livery membership. I know many of you already give generously but there are others who do not. Please consider setting up regular payments to our Charitable Trust or even increasing existing donations if they have not been reviewed for some while.

With very best wishes

Barry Munday
Master 2018/19