Tom Ball writes:  It is interesting to record that in the past the Company used to offer a prize

for the best Measured Drawing exhibited in the RA’s Summer Exhibition. Since

draughting a Measured Drawing has been replaced by other means, we have

moved on to making a donation to support a much more practical process which

includes the furtherance of architecture. ‘attRAct’ is managed by Nicky White and

run by Ann Gilmore of the RA.

From the Company’s Charitable Funds, the Company has made a donation

to the Royal Academy’s ‘attRAct’ Project . The Project invites heads of 26 schools in

London to each nominate two ‘art students’ who are considered would benefit from

attending a series of ‘events’ over the academic year. Once accepted by the RA the

young people from varying backgrounds are introduced and experience a wide

range of ‘ the arts’. In 2015 some 48 events were held.

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The Project draws from the RA’s range of Academicians, to show and have

hands on sessions when possible. These include etching, sculpture, painting, design

and architecture. Since the Project started, a number of students have gone on to

architecture schools – including Cambridge, London Metropolitan, Bartlett, Glasgow,

Bath and Nottingham .

From the moment a young person has been selected for the Project they are

personally responsible for attendance and performance – the school having agreed

that they may attend attRAct instead of a class/classes on the particular event day.

Past Project attendees are invited to attend relevant projects, giving their advice on

portfolio assembling and their experience on subsequent courses.

The feed back from those attending the Project shows that they not only

enjoy and benefit from the sessions but also meeting others who have different

interests. Anne Markey, our Master of Students, provided work experience for

student Antonia Munteanu, formally at Park High School, and is now reading

Architecture at Cambridge.

Quotes from students –

“ I appreciated the support of peers during applications to university,

particularly for Architecture because you do not have that at school “ ( Student from

St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School, Finchley, currently interviewing for BA

Architecture Course.)

“It was the best opportunity; I had experience that I never had before with

exhibitions and artists. Being part of attRAct, it built confidence and I feel more

cultured. ( Student from St James High School, Colindale, going on to a Foundation in

Art+Design )

“‘attRAct has shown me many new artistic techniques in medias such as

etching that I never thought I would have the privilege to try. Furthermore the

huge range of artists that we explore in the workshops has given me inspiratiion for

pieces, given me confidence to create freely and has opened my eyes to the depths

of the art world “ (Student from Lady Margaret School, Fulham, going on to a Foundation

Art + Design )